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Welcome to Santes Services

We have the pleasure to announce to you the availability of our warehouse services including, but not limited to, Lumping (unloading trailers), Staffing, and Technical Support. At Santes Services, our number-one goal is to provide you with the most reliable, cost-effective, and swift solutions to each of your needs. We know what it takes to run a successful team, and we have the skills to prove it. Unlike our competitors, we respect the contraints of our clients. We look out for your needs first. We also have transparent, straight-forward pricing that is customized to suit your specific set of requirements and goals. There are never any hidden or obsurd fees, such as waiting fees. We believe that everything can be accomplished as planned using strategic planning and the right team to get the job done. Santes Services is here to simplify your job by creating palatable solutions. Let us work for you.



Business Strategy

We offer team services across a diverse range of industries, which helps you to deliver fast, high-quality results. Our people are hand-selected for each job to ensure a great match and the best qualifications for the position.


Local & International Law

Get freight trailers unloaded quickly and with the highest level of quality and accuracy. We sort through the SKU's so you don't have to- no matter the amount of different part numbers or boxes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide warehouses of all sorts with quality services for all of their outsourcing needs. We grow and change along with your demands, placing customer satisfation and quality above all. We know what it is like to manage stressfull tasks and a growning number of employees. That's why we want to help you serve your customers better and faster than you have ever before.

Our Team

    Our team is made up entirely of motivated, hard-working individuals. We advocate for those who require our services. Only those who respond quickly, reliably, and directly can survive in any warehouse-related market. Thinking and acting cost-effectively is particularly important to us. Our business is extremely flexible and mobile, thereby offering our customers the best quality and the least amount of downtime.

At Santes Services, we focus on your needs.

"Fast and efficient!"

From our client: Banyan Imports in Memphis, TN

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